Our professional services is simply there to deliver solutions on time and within budget. We’ve been delivering complex IT infrastructure solutions since 1990 and we’ll bring this experience to any project. We’ve got the accreditations from leading manufactures and we’re experts at integrating these technologies. But we’re not just technical experts, we’ll with you to understand your business objectives and processes with the aim of delivering and ultimately supporting, the most appropriate solution for your organisation.

Delivery of Project

Every time we deliver a project we work to a standard methodology designed to help reduce both the cost and the risk associated with complex IT environments.

Our approach draws on best practices from ITIL and PRINCE and is based around distinct project phases. Each phase is clearly defined and documented.


Project Documentation is an important part of any IT project. It is extremely important that the documentation is well arranged, easy to understand and appropriate. We have developed an online collaborated project template that provides traceability, history and control. This is available 24/7 for all parties and provides the current state of the project.

Key components:

  • Scope
  • Current Configuration
  • Project Issues and Resolutions
  • Completion
  • Review

Knowledge Transfer

Towards the final stages of any IT project we make sure the internal team understand the changes that have been implemented. How many time have we heard “I am not sure what they have done” and the knowledge goes out of the door with the consultant who delivered the project.

Together with documentation we ensure proper handover process if followed.