Your network has come at a significant capital costs and needs to be maintained in order to optimise investment. Faced with an investment of these proportions you need to maintain the IT network in perfect running order to minimise disruption to both staff and business.

The network should run effectively with minimum servicing – a dedicated in-house network engineer has become something of a luxury. Yet there is no doubt that the network needs to be looked after, serviced and maintained on a regular ‘housekeeping’ basis.

Network management days can provide the appropriate level of skill required to ensure the entire IT provision runs to optimum efficiency.

Ensuring the following:

  • Regular network management and administration
  • Regular periodic ‘health check’
  • On-going network maintenance
  • On-site problem resolution
  • Regular future-facing review to ensure the network is optimised

In the course of a visit we will conduct all the necessary checks and fix any minor problems that may have arisen during the intervening period. We will regularly review the general IT requirement and ensure the network fits with the longer term IT strategy, identifying any potential future problems which need to be managed in advance.